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Las Vegas Justice Court Amy Ferreira Candidates
Amy Ferreira Justice Court

"The courts should work for the people,

not against them"  

-  Amy Ferreira

Judicial Candidate

Las Vegas Justice Court

Department 8

Clark County Judge


Every judge should adhere to the principles outlined in the judicial code of conduct and solemnly swear to refrain from forming premature judgments in any case.


Amy Ferreira's commitment to you is to deliberate fairly and impartially, guided solely by the law. When evaluating a criminal case, key factors Ferreira considers include the defendant's age, criminal history, propensity for violence, struggles with substance abuse or mental health, prior opportunities for treatment or rehabilitation, the gravity of the offense, and the impact of the crime on the victims.

Las Vegas Justice Court Ferreira


Maintaining the integrity of the judicial process and upholding the principles of fairness and impartiality are paramount in all instances and judges have a crucial obligation to recuse themselves from cases in specific circumstances.


If Ferreira has prior representation of any involved parties, possess a financial interest in the case's outcome, or have a close personal relationship with any of the parties that could potentially bias her decision, Amy will self-recuse as mandated by this code in all circumstances. Ferreira will always recuse herself if she believes that it might hinder her ability to remain unbiased or impartial in any circumstance.

Court Clark County Amy Ferreira


A judge should always interpret and apply the law in a just and consistent manner, ensuring that legal decisions are made based on the principles and precedents set by the legal system. 

Amy also feels that a judge must demonstrate empathy and understanding, recognizing the human aspect of the law and the profound impact legal decisions can have on individuals, families, and communities. It is essential to balance the law with compassion and ensure that justice is served equitably.


Ferreira's commitment is to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and to uphold the judicial code of ethics and avoiding any hint of bias or impropriety. 

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